Find Out What a New Webmaster Can Do For You

Sometimes You Just Need a New Webmaster

We are hearing from more and more innkeepers about how their webmaster has let them down, isn’t available or it takes 3 weeks to get something simple done.

Keeping your site up-to-date and beautiful is the number one marketing task every innkeeper needs.


5 Simple Things Your Webmaster Should Do

Your site’s speed, structure, back-end SEO, mega titles, title ttags have a tremendous influence on your position on Google and most of it can be quickly set straight.

12 Fixes That Will Make Your Website Shine

These Fixes Will Make a Big Difference

  1. Add Call to Action Items
  2. Fix the single biggest mistake made – bad title tags
  3. Optimize photos for search engines and for faster loading
  4. Install a blog – one of the current top recommendations for increasing SEO*
  5. Update everything – pricing, text, photos, calendar, blog
  6. Mobilize – Make it mobile friendly
  7. Add social media links
  8. Study the best keywords in your region and update your pages
  9. Show up well on Google Maps and Google+
  10. Add Credibility with favorite reviews
  11. Set up Google analytics
  12. Switch to a better converting reservation system

There’s more – Ask David or Diane to look at your website

You can often achieve your inn’s potential just by getting a new webmaster! The i Love Inns web team has maintained more than 20,000 web pages for decades and have created inn websites that bring results.

What Innkeepers Say

“The results are so phenomenal!”

“Diane, You and your team exceeded my hopes!”

“The iLoveInns websites look so fabulous!!”

“With your help, we’ve reached this (high) level of reservations.”

“Thanks to our wonderful new website, we are booking all the time!!”

“I can’t believe how much we’ve gotten done in just a  few hours!!”

“Please change the rates – add $30 to each room.”

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How to Keep Your Website Up-to-Date

Now is the time to up date your website to keep your business thriving. Ask for before and after examples.

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