Getting the Best of Hawaii at Hale Maluhia

With much of its pristine beauty still intact, Hawaii is indeed a paradise in the Pacific.  To experience the best that it can offer requires staying in an accommodation that is distinctly and unmistakably Hawaiian and this is what Hale Maluhia gives.

outsideupper3home(PR June 21, 2011) – Guests at Hale Maluhia Country Inn (House of Peace) Kona will certainly be pleased to know that they are not only getting one of the best accommodations and services in the state of Hawaii but also  attractive rates.  Ken Smith, Hale Maluhia’s innkeeper and creator is proud to announce a discount on week long stays and several additional perks guests will enjoy during their stay.  Smith promises that the guests will never miss home with the kind of service that the inn’s staff provides.

Located in Kailua-Kona, the inn has become more appealing to guests as it pulls down its accommodation rates by 10% for those who are staying for seven nights.  While the price drops, even more value is provided. These include a bottle of exquisite wine and a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts.  The unique architecture is sure to captivate guests.  Designed like a tree house, it straddles the side of a mountain providing a great view.

Hale Maluhia is surrounded by wildlife, which makes it possible for guests to commune with nature from their very own accommodations. While one takes a delightful breakfast, tropical birds chirp and fly on the trees nearby while pheasants can be seen roaming around the gardens.  Just watching the pheasants and their colored feathers is a unique experience.  Aside from birds, wild hogs are also known to wander in the area. This and the Hawaiian setting  are something that guests in hotels near the cities in Hawaii will miss.

The Japanese spa is one of the things that the inn is announcing.  While soaking in the relaxing water for an hour, guests can order drinks and watch the outdoors right in front of them. The spa has left many guests craving for more time at the inn.

Artists will be pleased that the innkeepers have made it a point to have art materials available for their guests. The beauty of the surroundings inspires artists and it is only right that the inn itself provides the necessary materials to make that inspiration come to reality.

Breakfast at Hale Maluhia is a unique Hawaiian experience as well.  The Breakfast Lovers Buffet is complemented by an omelet bar.  Among the fares that guests enjoy are fresh tropical fruits, local pastry delicacies, tropical juices and the inn’s specialty, Fresh Daily-Baked Bread.  Guests may choose to have tea or the famed Kona Coffee and there is a tea house on the property.

Guests who have stayed at the inn say that theirs was a wonderful and unforgettable experience, one that is not only Hawaiian but is Hale Maluhia’s.