Google Means it This Time Get Mobile Friendly or Get Pushed Down the Page

Image 4-14-16 at 10.31 AMLinks, Content & Mobile Keep You at the Top of Google Search

A Search Engine Watch writer recently revealed his thrill to have heard GOOGLE secrets slip out of the mouth of Andrey Lipattsev at a conference in Ireland where he stated that the most important things websites need to stay on the top of Google pages is

“It’s content and links pointing to your site.”

We kinda already knew that right? You need the best, highest quality links that relate to your website. This is what Todd Allen, “Marketer of the Year” (1851 Maple Hill Manor) recommends and it’s one reason Todd has 80% occupancy off-season! (90% occupancy in-season).

“Sign up for numerous travel websites!”

Make sure you get all the LINKS you can – state and national, are important in keeping your web pages at the top of the SERPs. BTW i Love Inns gives you 5 links AND 1 more for every recipe you enter into the iLoveInns recipe section.

But Also Sites Must Be Mobile by Mid-May 2016

You Also Need Your Website to Be Mobile Friendly
Here’s a new Mid-May warning:

“It’s Mobile-geddon hot in here: Google strengthens its mobile-friendly ranking signal!” (SearchEngineWatch)

“If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, my goodness what the (blankety blank) are you doing!?? Have you not had enough warnings already? Stop reading this right now and go get a responsive website immediately you maniac! – Click Z

According to a new announcement from the beginning of May 2016, Google will increase its ‘mobile friendly’ ranking signal”. They released this mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor back in April 2015, but the fallout didn’t amount to much. But now apparently, it’s really going to matter.

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