Great Art Galleries in Edmonton, Canada

edmontonartgalleryAs one of Canada’s most important cities, tourists and visitors expect Edmonton to showcase its best in the sphere of culture.  It has greatly exceeded the expectations of many and this can be seen in the fact that it is the home of many art galleries with a wide variety of works from different genres of visual arts. It is fortunate that almost all of these galleries are  accessible from downtown and the city’s main commercial and business district.  To cap it all, Edmonton was declared the cultural capital of the country in 2007. This reinforces the point that art is very much alive in the city.

•    Scott Gallery takes pride in the fact that it displays the masterpieces of a group of 30 artists based in Canada, most of which are true Canadians. Among these are Gerald Faulder and Sean Caulfield, considered two of the most popular artists based in Edmonton.

•    For those who are interested in the artworks of the original inhabitants of Canada before the European settlers arrived, Bear Claw Gallery is definitely the destination. This gallery displays soapstone sculptures made by the Inuit people, as well as carvings from the west coast.

•    TU gallery is known for its wooden sculptures and other art works created with wood. If interested in stylishly and artistically made furniture, this gallery is also the place to go.

•    The Art Gallery of Alberta is definitely the most popular in town. In fact, it is considered not just an attraction for art-lovers but as a tourist destination.  This museum was established in 1924 and since then its collection of artworks from across Canada has grown.  Today, it has more 5000 artworks in its gallery.

•    The Pete Robertson Gallery is best known for showcasing contemporary artworks.  This privately-run gallery was established in 1992 which is why it has a modern and minimalist interior design which further highlights the art it displays.  Aside from paintings, there are also sculptures.

•    West End Gallery is another privately-owned museum which displays artworks using different media types, including glass.  Most of the works displayed are colorful and full of life.

•    Lando is the biggest commercial gallery in the city.  This was established by Brent Luebke in 1990. While other galleries focused on 20th century artworks, Lando and its curators specialize in those made in the 1800s although it also displays contemporary works of art.

•    Those who are planning to buy less expensive art to decorate their homes or offices will enjoy Art Beat Gallery  This is where many of the works of Edmonton’s own artists are displayed for sale.

•    Agnes Bugera Gallery is unique in the sense that it is where professionals in other fields who also do art on the side can display their works.  It was established in 1992 by a lawyer and an art dealer for a partner.

•    The Douglas Udell Gallery’s prestige is because it displays the works of artists from abroad side by side with those of Canada’s best.



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