Great Art Galleries in Montreal, Canada

artmuseumArt is considered by some as the most accurate gauge of the culture that exists in a country or city.  If this is the case, you will label Montreal, in Canada’s Province of Quebec, as one of the country’s top cultural centers. The number of great art galleries that exist here proves this point further.  Each of the galleries presents visitors a memorable experience as they are filled with awe by both contemporary and historic masterpieces from Canada’s own artists. The galleries also provide guests the chance to see the works of famous foreign artists. All these serve as an ample reflection of the city’s artistic tastes.

•    Only opened in 1980, Galerie De Bellefuille is known as the best contemporary art gallery in the city of Montreal. Its gallery is where the top selections of modern art are displayed, ranging from paintings to sculptures. This museum has a floor space of about 5,000 square feet.

•    Galerie Walter Klinkhoff is a commercial art gallery that is owned and operated by a family. The family owned gallery involves the purchase and sales of artworks, whether made by famous artists of old or budding artists today. The gallery is said to be the oldest in Canada.

•    Near the Bonsecours Market is a modern building that houses Emeraude Art Gallery.  The design of the building itself creates the impression that it offers artistic wonders in its halls. Montreal’s as well as other famous Canadian artists often have their works featured here.

•    Galerie Brigitte Desroches specializes in North American and European paintings. Many of these artworks were created in the 1800s. The gallery features the collection of Gustave Vidal, Rita Briansky, Ginette Beaulieu, and George Vesper.

•    Montreal’s growing number of contemporary artists often find their works featured in the Armatta gallery.  The Armatta is actually the top contemporary photography museum in the city.  As a private museum, it is also where the works of local artists are sold.

•    Le Balcon d’Art is another family owned art museum in Montreal.  Since 1985, this has been providing guests with displays of the works of Canada’s most talented artists.  The gallery offers services, such as restoration work for owners of old paintings. This is easily accessible from downtown.

•    Original engravings are what La Guilde Graphique is popular for.  Aside from the engravings, there are also a few other artworks such as paintings. The gallery is located in a historic building.

•    At McGill University’s Thomson House there’s a gallery called David Astrof Fine Arts.  Although it is only a small museum with 150 some pieces, it is considered as one of Montreal’s finest.

•    Althougha more recent established gallery in the city, Galerie Bernard has become very popular due to its display of particularly interesting modern artworks.  It is also known for providing art lovers with expert explanations of the art.

•    Gallery Valentin is one of the oldest and most historic galleries in Montreal.  It is close to Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.


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