2 Inn Websites in the Same City, Newsletters and The Best Egg Casserole


2 Gettysburg Inns Battle for Google Position

We studied two inn websites in Gettysburg – the Inn at Herr Ridge shows up on page two in the search for “Gettysburg PA Inn” but The Gaslight Inn is on page one. Study the website features and issues below to maximize your own Google position.

Inn at Herr Ridge
1. The refined looking design gives a sense of a quality experience at the inn.

2. Room reservations does not catch the attention and because it’s in cursive it’s harder to read than normal. If you have something important to read on a site don’t put it in a difficult to read text – especially NOT your booking button. Booking button on individual rooms is more visible but Stay with Us in the menu doesn’t make booking easier..

3. Surprisingly the site’s title tags do not have the word Gettysburg in them! Instead they have wordpress default titles on the page. They should incorporate an SEO plug-in which allows you to set the titles to make for a far more robust site.

4. They should use text for their button but instead it is a graphic – not critical but it could look sharper in text.

5. Although they’ve lost traction by poor title tags, they do have good keywords on the home page – 6 mentions of “Gettysburg”. The address is prominent but it isn’t micro tagged. It should have schema that tags the address.

The Gaslight Inn
1. Older design but not too out of date. The phone and check availability are nicely placed in the top area – far better than the difficult to find button on Inn at Herr Ridge.

2. City and state are in the title tags. In about every title – huge for contribution to the inn’s first page appearance on Google.

3. Some good pages and some boring pages. (The events page could be more interesting.)

4. The sample itinerary page is particularly good with options of what to see, making planning easier for guests. All the extra information may be one of the reasons they rank above Herr Ridge who has only one short page of information with only one-word links. There’s a good outdoor activities page with good links. The Hershey paragraph alone on Gaslight is much better with 4 links. Gaslight gives a lot of benefit with much more information.

5. Address isn’t tagged either but all information is there. To see iloveinns design request samples by clicking on the red button.

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Newsletters Make Your Inn Strongimage-2-22-17-at-2-59-pm-1

Gaslight Inn above also offers a newsletter and consistently blogs about the inn and the area. Get double duty out of your blog with excerpts in your newsletters ande links to your blogs.

Send email newsletters consistently for the next 12 months (for the price of 10 months) and watch your inn grow. Guests come back and send their friends because you keep reminding them of the wonderful time to be had.

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image-2-22-17-at-3-02-pmAbsolutely The Best Egg Casserole Ever!

Christopher’s B&B
12 eggs
1 cup plain yogurt
1 teaspoon Lawry’s seasoned salt (or, to taste)
3/4 stick butter or margarine
2 cups shredded hash brown potatoes (thawed)
1/4 cup (or less) chopped onion
1 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese

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