How to Get Fabulous Inn Photos for $200 That Will Bring MORE Guests

002Living-diningTake a look at this photo shoot for $200!

(Southern California price – mileage may vary.)

This photographer didn’t carry lights or lots of equipment to get these arresting shots. Just a tripod and a camera!

But the camera was an HDR – a High Dynamic Range camera with an automatic HDR – you click once and it takes 7-8 photos at different exposures┬áthen it paints these different exposures into one image.


The house had already been prepared – so the photographer only took 45 minutes and delivered 40 photos. These photos were for a house for sale in southern California –
Most inn websites have bad photos – photos that simply are not inviting. They look dark, sometimes blurry and the rooms do not show their true beauty.

lowest level nikon doesn’t do HDR but the mid level Nikon ($750) has the new High Dynamic Range – automatic press once and it takes 7 -8 photos at different exposures and paints it into one image.

Maybe reward yourself and become your own photographer?005MasterBedroom
Or as we’ve suggested before, hire an experienced real estate photographer and get incredible photos for only $200 more or less – depending on your area.

Now you can Transform your website with new photos- you’ll get great well lighted rooms and your photos will make your inn look phenomenal.
The outside of the house was de-emphasized because it wasn’t a golf course or something especially fetching.