How to Make Your Bed & Breakfast Website Shine and 3 Tips to Build Your Website Easier & Quicker

Website of the Week

Santa Barbara’s Upham Hotel

You’ve got to see this Website. Upham Hotel has been on the bed and breakfast scene at least 30 years and has quietly grown into more and more refined property.


Santa Barbara has always been a high demand getaway and Upham is keeping up to date with the upscale fun location. And the website shows it.

3 Things to Love

  1. The Book Now button is inviting and refined with thin double borders and a graduated silver and gold background that re-enforces the quality experience.
  2. The Home Page includes such a long scroll that all the rooms with book now buttons are directly on the home page – making it super easy for mobile phone bookings.
  3. It’s so easy to book – almost like Apple invented this website.


3 Tips To Make Your Website Renovation Easier and Quicker

#1 Check out these 3 Best-of-Class websites and write down the things that would fit your inn and that you really like

#2 Check out more sites here and continue your list

# 3 Call Diane and talk 7 minutes about what you like

That’s It

Diane and our team will take it from there. They’ll code the back end and just after Labor Day reconvene with you to review the work and go over what is left to be done.

It’s possible to have everything up and running in 4-6 weeks (though it can take longer if you can’t get us text changes, new photos, etc).

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