How to Use Your iPhone for Great Photos


iPhoneography Tips

  1. Any iPhone is good enough for creating great photography. I’ve seen amazing photos taken with iPhone 3G.
  2. Consistent practice is the best way to improve your iPhoneography. Keep practicing even when you’re out of ideas, and you’ll eventually create something amazing.
  3. Pretend your iPhone camera is an expensive DSLR and you’re going to get incredible shots you can use for your website, blog, newsletter, facebook.

Taking Great Inn Photos

  1. Watch the light and learn to predict how the scene is going to change in the immediate future. Will that light shine on your front door in a minute? Be prepared when that moment comes.
  2. Always take a few seconds and pause before taking a shot. Is this really the best angle and the best composition, or should you try something else instead?
  3. Ask would this shot be better if I were lying on the ground looking up through the tulips? snowflakes? a few minutes after the rain?
  4. Plan shots ahead – such as your assistant coming out with a tray of hor’s deourves
  5. Practice quickly adjusting focus and exposure – learn to lock it by holding down your finger.
  6. Zoom only with your feet. Never use digital zoom.
  7. Turn on HDR for landscape photography and when sky takes up a large part of your photo.

For Fun

Have a teenager in your neighborhood?

Hire him/her to help you – have contests at family functions or simply have him instruct you via skype, facetime or real time if you are so lucky.