Inn Number 2 Called iLoveInns When Sued About ADA

Inn Number 2 Called iLoveInns When Sued About ADA

(What to Do If You Get a Claim or Demand Letter About ADA)

If you receive a demand letter or are on the receiving end of a potential lawsuit citing an ADA violation on your website, don’t panic. Take the following steps:

  1. Find counsel that has experience in ADA defense, specifically in the areas of digital accessibility
  2. Find a defense lawyer who knows the plaintiff firm, if possible.
  3. Contact your website vendor, agency, or technical team to understand what is happening (Call – 949-481-7276)
  4. Collect documents related to your accessibility efforts, remediation, and testing performed.

PS. Don’t rely on accessibility widgets. We see a lot of them. Inns think they are done but they aren’t.

Iloveinns will give you all the ADA tests, findings and scores. Plus, everything will be done to correct the issues and make the adjustments. (Of course, you can save thousands of dollars if you do it before a claim.

Help Make My Website ADA Compliant