Innkeeper Reports Going Away Oct. 1

Innkeeper Reports Is No More

Innkeeper Reports Is No More is no more (as a company) as of Oct.1, according to one innkeeper’s recent discovery. Here’s what Dave Pollack of ForFriends Inn reported:


“One of our favorite, friendly and approachable referral websites is no more! was purchased by Expedia Group in Q4, 2015. Now, we’re fully seeing what that means to those of us on the ‘inn-side’ – and it’s not good. In fact, it’s Expedia in clothes.


Expedia Will Control All Connections

“Expedia now controls the connection between inns and The images, copy, policies (sort of), and programs are the same as Expedia only with the look of (which admittedly, isn’t too bad). As per usual, expect that connection to break on a regular basis. Today, for example, B& now shows our inn as full tonight even though we have 3 rooms available. (By the way, Expedia itself shows these rooms as available but B& does not. So much for that connection.)


B&B Support Phone Numbers transfer to Expedia

“Sadly, as of Oct 1 of this year, will hand-over all inn support to Expedia as they shut down their support phone numbers. Hello 24 hour response time.

“Expedia is also handling all Instant Bookings made at Commission rates are the same 18% and the Cancellation Policy is the same that the inn specifies on Expedia.


Funds to Be Retained Longer & There’s Extra Work for You

“All funds will be retained till check-in and there’s an extra step. However, of significant note, instead of passing credit card details through to the inn as per the current Expedia model, all funds will be retained until check-in. Further, in order to trigger the release of the funds, the innkeeper must log into the back office and mark the guests as having ‘arrived’. This has been the standard in the Airbnb world for a while but it is not a welcomed extra step for professional innkeepers.


“ while never as sophisticated as other (OTA) sites, was always a favorite. They would answer their phones with fresh-faced voices who were always helpful (think ResNexus Red Carpet Support team). Going forward, each time Expedia says ‘no’ to one of our requests or reminds us that we’re just a number to them, we will be reminded of better times with


The Worst Parts

“The aspects of the deal that give me angst are:

  1. Expedia controlling the feed (for example, last night they showed no availability at ForFriends and yet we had 3 rooms available)
  2. Having to deal with Expedia Lodging Support team
  3. Expedia hanging onto the $$ until check-in.”

Dave Pollock, Owner,,  (805) 693-0303


What to Do Now If You Are Not Continuing with

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You might not want to discontinue Expedia/ or just continue with Expedia.


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