Innkeepers Keep Marketing, What Inns Are Saying Now, Inn Promotes “Work Remotely From Our Inn”

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  1. What Innkeepers Are Sharing
  2. Marketing In the Time of Corona – “Work Remotely From Our Inn”
  3. The Unexpected Sabbatical – What to Do Now
  4. – Immunity Building, Nature, Spring, Southern Hospitality


What Innkeepers Are Sharing

We have Corona Virus in Our Town – “I’m set though – I’ve got a roll of toilet paper and 9 bottles of wine!” Virginia innkeeper

Make Me A Corona-Virus Pop Up – “We want you to do a popup on our website to talk about the Corona Virus. BTW, I had to cancel my trip to Japan.” Wisconsin inn

I’m Going to Focus Now On My Website – “I’m staying focused and moving forward with my plans to rebrand and market my inn. I’ll make changes to my website and get it done now. I’m not going to let this stop me. I’ve lost $8000 in 48 hrs due to cancelled reservations. I’m staying calm and will ride this out like I did with the 2007 recession…..” Arizona innkeeper

We’ve Got to Depend On Our Own Websites to Combat Airbnbs – “As you well know, the challenge today for all B&B operators/owners is how to differentiate our product from Air BnB’s that have flooded our markets and taken market share because of their gross misuse of the term BnB. We really must depend on our own websites to communicate and attract guests to our very distinct Bed and Breakfast products ”


Marketing In The Time Of Corona

Marketing In The Time Of Corona

Innkeepers of small inns are offering heartfelt responses to the situation at hand:

Work Remotely at the Oliver Inn – “You don’t have to stay at home to work remotely. Our Inn provides an unparalleled experience for those wanting to enjoy a retreat while “working from home.” Our clean and friendly staff will ensure that you can relax and make the most of your escape away from the hustle and bustle of the workplace without the monotony of feeling stuck at your house.

Make Future Reservations Now – Midwest Inn “If you would like to support us during this extremely difficult financial time, we would greatly appreciate your reservations made now for the coming spring, summer and fall. Your deposit will help keep the business afloat so that we can honor our employees and keep their hours and wages at their normal rates. These are uncertain times and things are changing by the hour. However, I have faith that this pandemic will pass and we will return to life as we once knew it. We look forward to seeing you all very soon and sharing in the relaxation and serenity you will feel when you are able to return to your beloved Inn at Honey Run.

Thank you for your support and help during this trying time. We are praying for all of you, our nation, and our world as we make sense of this pandemic.

Brownies & Complimentary TP – “Our specialty has always been a crowd-free getaway. Long Beach’s 28-mile beach, the Discovery Trail, the Boardwalk and the parks (whale watching!) give you tons of space in which to roam without seeing almost anyone…We offer complimentary TP with each stay! Self-isolating and keeping six feet between you and the next person is super easy right now. If you are working or studying from home and need a change of scenery, working from the Inn, with brownies at your beck and call, can be an option.”

Our Inn Is a Space For Social Distancing – “I am reaching out to you today on behalf of the team here at the inn, as the health and well being of our guests is of the utmost importance to all of us, especially in these uncertain times. …As our hotel is 100% employee-owned, every one of our team members takes an immense amount of pride in upholding the highest standards when it comes to the cleanliness and safety of the Inn, today and always.

…I want to assure you that, with these practices in place, the Inn remains open and ready to welcome you as our overnight guest. With accommodations positioned throughout the Inn’s forty spacious acres, ...we provide refuge and space to allow for social-distancing of those staying on-property. For anyone hesitant to travel by plane or train, we are an accessible drive from many cities and towns along the East Coast.


The Inn at Gothic Eves

Photo above – The Inn at Gothic Eves, Ithaca, New York

The Unexpected Sabbatical – What to Do Now

Keep connected to your past guests – Now is the time to stay in contact with previous guests. They already have a connection with you – they experienced being with you. Treasure that connection and plan a year of email “marketing” sharing your area and your inn.

Use This Time to Work On a New Website – While things are quiet you have time now to start that long needed new website. Don’t put it off any longer. It’s easier to get started than you think – We’ve taken many many innkeepers through the process over the years and know how to make it happen for you. Take this time to start a new site.

More – Add popups, add ada features, and most of all fix the mistakes and bad links and missing pieces that are hurting your conversion rates and making other inns look like a better choice.

The virus will pass, we will get through this just like we all did in the financial crisis in 2008. Let’s stay calm, keep our heads in the game and focus on the future.

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Stanford Inn by the Sea

Spring & Comfort Are Big Themes Now

Stanford Inn by the Sea, North of San Francisco

Travel That Enhances Your Immunity – Stanford Inn – “Life is Fantastic – Just up the road at the Stanford Inn and Resort – No airports, no crowds just fresh ocean air and fragrant forests. Spring is glorious here!

“Want a well-being boost – one that enhances your immunity, your point of view, your life? Come and enjoy good food, perhaps take a class or two that will boost your immunity, or simply relax and unwind. Escape the stress we are all feeling.

From King & Prince, Georgia

“In times like these, we believe everyone could benefit from a little Southern Hospitality and we are here to welcome you whenever you’re ready.

Warmest Regards, Bart Johnson

From Aurora Hotel, Catalina Island Calif.

“At this time, there have been no suspected or confirmed cases of CoVid-19 on the island… During this time of uncertainty, please know that you can count on the warm hospitality you have come to expect from the Aurora Hotel and we look forward to seeing you on Catalina Island very soon.