Beer With Breakfast, Do a How-To on Local TV


Beer and Breakfast – Should You Add This Manly Menu to Your Offerings?

I just discovered that a friend of mine – project manager, website builder and former missionary, sometimes drinks beer with breakfast. “It has to be with a hearty, salsa-infused menu” he said in his deep Home Depot voice. Photo from

When finally getting away for a weekend it seems like a good idea to me. Here’s 7 recommended beers for breakfast courtesy Draft Magazine.

guypouringwineinflowersGet Yourself on Local TV

Sure He Has an English Accent, But Couldn’t You Make This Exact Same Omelet and Get on TV, Too?
Check Out this video and you’ll know you can do it. Then add your video from the TV station to your website for guests to see that you’re an authentic expert.

Simon had all his ducks in a row for this quick and simple omelet made on a TV morning show cooking segment. You can too.
Plus – always stand next to flowers when being photographed! Simon really is a chef and even has an on site restaurant as well as his bed and breakfast and he can stand the pressure when on camera so he IS a professional. But SO ARE YOU.

One Thousand Breakfasts?

Think of how many times you’ve made an omelet or Quiche – you could do it in your sleep. Practice talking while you’re making your next 10 breakfasts, then ask someone to video you – review the video and critique. Revise and make another video and send to the station. They need your material, the local interest – and you can easily provide it because you truly are an expert. And think of how awesome your live TV video is going to look on your website.

irishIreland’s Balleymaloe Country House Offers Gluten-Free Irish Fruit Scones.

I was fortunate enough to stay at Balleymaloe one fine Irish evening, tour County Cork’s life boats, walk the organic garden and grounds, and finally dine at the inn’s restaurant. Darina Allen is known as Ireland’s most famous cook. I recommend April or May for course work – What a good way to spend your education budget – especially if you’re a little bit Irish and a little bit Rock ‘N Roll. Lots of healthy cookery, too.
Here’s Balleymaloe gluten-free scone recipe – (sultanas are raisins).
Gluten-Free Fruit Scones Recipe
Read the recipe in an Irish brogue, then ask yourself if you can’t just get away to County Cork and Balleymaloe and have them make the scones for you.

jpeg (2)Could Your Inn Become An Off-Season Breakfast Restaurant November – March? Acacia House

You might want to follow this adaptation of Bar Harbor’s Acacia House – in the off-season it is transformed into a breakfast house on Fri, Sat and Sun for locals. Read this take on it and consider closing some of the income lag in the off-season and get more love from your community.

“V” is for Victory In Virginia! – Excerpt from PAII Newsletter

Virginia has spoken. The home state of James Madison, Father of the Constitution, and Thomas Jefferson, Author of the Declaration of Independence, has “Declared” that “We the People” won’t be railroaded into a bad deal with Airbnb.

By a House of Delegates vote of 90-8-1, and the subsequent approval by the Virginia Senate, Virginia Legislators listened to the people and effectively stopped implementation of the Airbnb sponsored “Limited Residential Lodging Act.” As amended, the bill cannot be implemented until after the 2017 Legislative Session, now includes a full study involving representatives of every segment of the Lodging Industry, requires registration of hosts and includes a re-enactment clause that requires the bill be once again reviewed and re-voted on after the completion of the study in early December 2016. Kris Ulmer, PAII Executive Director.