Jefferson: A Hidden Gem in Texas


Texas has always been a treasure chest for the country because of the contributions it has given to the national economy.  Aside from products of the state, attractive destinations that visitors and tourists enjoy are also important contributions to the people of the world.  However, less renowned than the big Texas cities such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio is a hidden gem tucked in Marion County. This is the city of Jefferson, a place with a booming tourism business because of its many attractions.  Any visitor who has experienced being in the city for just a few days will learn about another positive feature of Texas.

Jefferson is practically a historical site in its entirety and because of this, visitors consider just walking around it similar to roaming around a huge museum that features artifacts from the old and much wilder West.  From the Jefferson bed and breakfast inns where visitors are billeted, information regarding guided tours around the city can be obtained from the innkeepers.  In going to The Grove, a historical site and a ghost town very near the center of the city, it is recommended that visitors and tourists take a guided tour. Historic buildings reminiscent of Jefferson’s past are featured all through this tour.

For those whose idea of fun would be a day of watching nature’s gifts to man’s eyesight, an option would be to take a riverboat tour or the more unique and unforgettable steamboat tour at Caddo Lake. If just watching the river or the lake is not enough, go fishing and kayaking instead. The city of Jefferson also offers opportunities for guided fishing trips, complete with boats and fishing equipment for rent. Many of these can be found at the Johnson Creek Marina. The many bayous within the city’s vicinity are also favored spots for sightseeing and fishing. Boats that are for rent are found near these scenic bodies of water.

The H&D Deer Farm has always been popular among the local kids as well as young visitors and tourists. The farm features different deer species that are mostly bred in captivity although the environment provides the deer with a feeling not much different from what they get in a natural habitat. The deer farm management provides a guided tour for visitors.  Since it is a historic city, seeing the remnants of the old Jefferson is an expected activity. Among the must-visits are the House of the Seasons, the Jefferson Historical Museum, and Singleton’s Virginia Cross Home.

People who have seen the beauty of Jefferson have been known to boast that they have seen what others may have never thought about Texas. This hidden gem becomes a part of their most favored memories.