Just Before 7-Year Itch, They Fall in Love at Romantic Inn

Falling in Love Again at A Romantic Bed & Breakfast Inn

Diane and Shane recently reported that staying at a romantic inn in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia helped  to rekindle their relationship on their sixth anniversary.
I never thought about the six-year mark myself – that was the year we drove cross-country to move from Ohio to Pasadena, California, so we were having a major adventure with our two boys every hour. If we had been near the Blue Ridge Mountains and a romantic inn like Steeles Tavern Manor that also would have been an unforgettable experience.

7 Year Itch Turns Into 3 Year Itch

Now, of even more concern, Jennifer Nagy of the Huffington Post reports that the seven-year itch may have given away to the three-year itch. So it is more important than ever to find moments to get away and get that spark back into your relationship.


Rekindle Romance at Easy-to-Find Inns

These days, it’s not hard to create a one-of-a-kind romantic inn experience for your anniversary. It mostly requires a little search energy.  It can be inexpensive or deluxe depending on which inn you choose and when you go. Your state probably has inns that have been created from old mills, Downton Abbey-like mansions, restored farm houses, inns with lavender fields or vineyards, country estates or historic inns. For starters try this list of Top 10 Romantic Inns selected by iLoveinns.com over the past 20 years or just take a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains and Steeles Tavern Inn.

Couple Finds 7-Year Itch Prevention at Bed and Breakfast Inn

We really enjoyed learning how to fall in love again at this wonderful retreat (Steeles Tavern). This was our six-year wedding anniversary and we really needed to be reminded of why we got married in the first place. This cabin has started a healing process for us both emotionally and physically.  We would really love to be able to come back and visit for another anniversary because this place made it a very memorable one that we will cherish in our hearts for a lifetime.  Diane & Shane


B&B Getaway in Blue Ridge Mountains


Romantic Country Inn