Kevin Costner Promotes Roadtrips & History

Kevin Costner, California native and star of Dances with Wolves is working with Visit California to share how taking family road trips shaped his love of the Golden State,

His latest project is a travel app! HearHere that uses GPS-enabled audio clips to add history, culture, and context to a road trip. It acts as a tour guide – and the app includes Costner’s voice, telling stories about everything from the Native peoples of California to the geological shifts that created the California coastline.

Kevin Costner first fell in love with California from the back seat of his father’s Buick where he and his brother and family would vacation by road tripping all across California.

In the Costner’s Visit California podcast he speaks about where he lives now, how he’d spend a perfect day in the Golden State, and what he considers to be the ultimate California song.