Long-Scrolling Bed & Breakfast Websites Convert Visitors to Guests Fast

Long Scrolling Home Pages Get the Visitor Fully Engaged


It’s a New Trend

Why? Because it makes mobile searching and booking Faster & Easier.

The long-scrolling home page with 9 Book Now buttons 

The super long-scrolling Experience Page with 33 Book Now Buttons

Long scrolling Home Page for Bed & Breakfast and Weddings Site

Long scrolling Home Page for Adventure Lodge


Long Scrolling Home Pages Gets the Visitor Fully Engaged

Here’s a beautiful long page built for D. W’s Oceanside Inn by i Love Inns last year.

This is a quick way to get a visitor immersed in the experience you offer.

It’s also easier for mobile phone users. (They don’t have to keep navigating with buttons on their small screens.)

Long scrolling gives the user greater control over pacing. Visitors gladly keep scrolling as long as the content is relevant to their needs. (That’s one of the secrets.)


Long Pages Assure Guests They Won’t Be Bored

Long page scrolling is here to stay because it

  1. Propels users toward the main goal
  2. Chunks of content can be absorbed without any interruption
  3. Encourages visitors to take action more swiftly than separate pages.

Get Your Own Unique Design


2 More Long Scrolling Websites

Antique & Irish Welch House

Medium long scrolling for experiences home page

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