Mendocino: The Pride of California

mendocino-ca484(1)When people think about  Mendocino, they think of the spectacular raw Californian coast with mighty waves, rock formations and mystical vistas.

Mendocino is one of the best places on the West Coast to be at peace with nature, be inspired by the Pacific and be awed by its power when it is furious.  When compared to other towns and cities on the Californian coast, Mendocino continues to attract great numbers of tourists and visitors each year.  Its major asset is that it is perched on an elevated headland, with the Pacific surrounding it on three sides.  The great view that it offers of the ocean has been the subject of many artworks. In fact, the town has a growing colony of artists.  People who live and work in San Francisco find Mendocino an ideal destination when they wish to escape urban life for a few days, but the Mendocino Coast appeals to everyone.

Visitors in Mendocino never waste a shot when they take pictures of everything beautiful they find on the coast.  One of the favorites is the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, where visitors can walk to the Lighthouse.  All the walking is worth it though; this is what visitors find out once they get to the site.  The Russian Gulch State Park is another Mendocino prime assets for those who come to see the best of nature in the place.  Wildflowers are found near the cliffs and the beaches, accentuating the blue Pacific in the background.

Just driving along the Mendocino Coast is an exhilarating experience. Motorists are advised to slow down and enjoy the great view of ocean.  There are old lighthouses and rustic fishing villages along the route of the coastal drive.

Mendocino is fortunate to have good weather in most parts of the year. One of the best times to visit Mendocino is in summer and spring, but every season is exciting.There are beautiful state parks and wondrous areas for birdwatching, kayacking as well as vineyards and wine tastings. Navarro River Redwoods, the Van Damme State Park, Big River State Park with an estuary and big redwoods. The Mendocino Headlands is a grass-covered blufftop with a beach. There’s the Russian Gulch State Park and the Jug Handle with a staircase trail to the Pygmy Forest and several others.