New Bed and Breakfast Reality Show by Oprah

Rittenhouse Inn Newsletter Offers Gift Card

What Innkeepers Are Saying/Doing This Week

 Gift Certificate Sales

How many people will be standing at your front desk in the next 6 weeks? 150? What if you have your own email list of 1,000 to 5,000 or even more former guests? The Rittenhouse Inn above are taking advantage of their assets (mailing list) and of a gift that fits just about everyone – a visit to their inn.

This week we noted another inn’s Gift Certificate sale –

Our Gift Certificate Sale adds an additional 20% to your purchase value at no extra cost to you! The savings are yours, and your loved one gets to enjoy more of what the Inn has to offer. (Example: $100 GC purchase receives $120 value). Offer Valid for new Gift Card telephone orders placed between Nov. 11 – Dec. 23, 2017.


Checked In B&B Reality Show

“Checked In” is the new Oprah reality show featuring the Aakwaba inn in the Poconos. Owner Monique Greenwood, along with her husband Glenn Pogue own 4 inns so far (Cape May, D.C., Poconos and Brooklyn) “I’m going to leave a legacy to my daughter,” she reveals in this TV Segment P.S. (Show idea – Maybe she’ll buy your inn during the series).

Airbnb Lobby Efforts Paid Off

Private bed-and-breakfasts, or “casa particulares”, have long been a common way to stay in Cuba. “Airbnb launched an ambitious lobbying blitz this summer to claw back on President Trump’s planned new restrictions on Cuban travel.”

Airbnb thinks Cuba is its fastest-growing market, and they suceedeed in their lobbying efforts to get the appropriate language added to Trump’s new regulations.  They will allow Americans to stay in private homes, (which are often listed on Airbnb), if they visit the island to support the Cuban people as opposed to supporting the government. More here

Lavish Southern Living Cheese & Sausage Casserole

Winter brunch casseroles – lavish and satisfying

  1. Southern Living video
  2. Christopher’s B&B – Best Egg Casserole Ever
  3. Eggs Benedict Casserole by Amelia Island’s Williams House