Newsletter Checklist

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Your Newsletter Checklist

Decide What Your Want – What do you want your guests to do/think/feel when they read your newsletter? Book a room? Write a review? Keep making a plan to return?

Write your subject line so that the newsletter will be opened – use recipes, numbered events (3 Top New Chefs) – topics you know your guests are interested in.

Avoid Spam Triggers in your Subject Line
Free for instance, is notorious for not making it past filters – also don’t use “act now”, “limited time”. “Special offers” will make your newsletter spam. See words that trigger spam…The-Ultimate-List-of-Email-SPAM-Trigger-Words

Find compelling photos to make guests want to return.
Size your photos properly to avoid distortion and slow load times. Take your own or find stock photos through your tourism bureau, Folio, iStock etc. 65% of people prefer more images, 35% prefer more text.

Gather Content – 80% on surrounding activities, 20% about the inn, specials, amenities, recipes, See the iLoveInns Content Idea Starters.
Keep a folder on your desk and pop in calendars of local events, festivals, museums, local theater, garden events, sports for the next 3 months. Include food content – the number 1 new trend in travel is food – breakfast or local restaurant dishes, with photos and descriptions to make guests drool.

Create links to your website, blog etc.

Cut, cut, cut – first drafts are usually too long – make sure no paragraph is too long, usually best to make it short and sweet.

Test, test, test
Always have a second pair of eyes to proofread
Test every single link
Test by reading on your smart phone, tablet, and desktop

Proofread your Title for spelling errors

Make unsubscribes easy

Or if you are too busy running the inn simply have iLoveInns design team do all this and more for you…multi-task-single-task copy

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