One-Page Websites You’ll Love

Get a New One-Page Website

and Clean Up 4 BIG Mistakes


For inns with 1-4 rooms, you can solve a lot of problems by getting an incredibly affordable website that has everything you need yet is only one page. The long scrolling page also functions well on smart phones because of its scroll. We’ve just reviewed 12 newish websites (not built by us) which cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. At least 50-60% of these “new” websites have the following problems:

  1.  Not enough keywords and the wrong keywords on their pages
  2.  Not optimizing title tags and meta tags
  3.  Not having quality inbound links
  4.  Slow loading speeds mostly because photos are not optimized

Unfortunately, these big mistakes cost inns thousands and thousands of dollars in reservations. That’s because instead of improving search positions they lower the inns’ position on Google.


Recent Comments From Innkeepers

“The results are so phenomenal!”

“With your help we’ve reached this (high) level of reservations.”

“Thanks to our wonderful new website, we are booking all the time!!”

“Please change the rates – add $30 to each room.”

“Diane,You and your team exceeded my hopes!”

“The iLoveInns websites look so fabulous!!”


i Love Inns Builds Beautiful One-Page Websites Without the High Cost


The developers at iLoveInns pride themselves on best practices to create hearty websites with staying power. And for small 1-4 room inns, a one-page website can solve your webssite problem Easily and Quickly.

Oceanside Inn – Here’s a FABULOUS  i Love Inns ONE-PAGE WEBSITE.

Most guests won’t even think about the inn being one page because all the information is there. It scrolls beautifully on smart phones.


Catamount Bed & Breakfast   The i Love Inns developers build each website as both a work of art AND more importantly with A+ back-end coding and SEO.

Most local websitee designers have not created hotel and inn websites and don’t understand the navigation, title tags, path to booking and the back end. They invariably use the wrong title tag and meta tags and actually LOWER the inn’s SEO position.


Hire an Expert – It’s So Much Better and Even Less Expensive

Engage people who have been in the B&B industry for more than 30 years and whose team of experts have more than 100 years experience. David, for instance, has designed for CocaCola, Wells Fargo and other Fortune 500 companies. He knows how to create top notch design and back-end technology. Ask Diane for samples:

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