One Photo Brings Bed & Breakfast Innkeeper 7 Reservations

Lifestyle Photo Brings in $4,000 in One Use

Thanks to industry photographers like Jumping Rocks, finding great photos is easier than former years. This morning I found a fabulous photo in a New York Inn’s newsletter and in response to my inquiry, the innkeeper said, “Yes! 7-10 reservations.” (Least expensive room $399.) Some booked for 2 nights so revenue could be even more.

“Yes, she said, “That One Photo Brought in 7-10 Reservations”

That PHOTO WAS A LIFESTYLE PHOTO OF ONE OF THE AREA’S ACTIVITIES, similar to the horse racing shot below – not a photo of the inn itself. Plus the innkeeper came up with a package that allowed guests to spend the time in the area at a unique event such as that below (at a Kentucky inn).

Woodhaven Inn’s “Things to Do” page shows an example of powerful lifestyle photos that capture guest reservations. For these kinds of results, include beautiful, compelling photos of experiences your guests can have in newsletters to guests. They can imagine themselves watching the races or strolling the botanical gardens. People want an image to hang onto. And in the psychology of change, jimages are said to be the most powerful way to create change in behaviour. You want them to change by overcoming inertia and coming for a visit. Never underestimate the power of a photo.


Why Photos Work

The brain really IS faster than you think: New research tools recently allowed scientists to discover that it takes just 13 milliseconds to process an image… – 13 milliseconds – the first evidence of such rapid processing speed. That speed is almost eight times faster than the 100 milliseconds recorded by previous studies.


Get A New Website and Load It With Amazing Photos

4 things happen when you get a new inn website with amazing photos

  1. Revenue usually goes up 50% to 100%
  2. Visitors visit more pages and stay longer on the page
  3. Room pages are visited more often
  4. Most new inn websites pay for themselves in under a month, some in a week

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Kudos to Stockade Inn’s Blog on Short Term Rentals vs. A REAL B&B

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ve probably heard of short term rentals, or services that allows you to stay in someone’s apartment or home rather than booking a hotel (or bed and breakfast). But staying in an ACTUAL B&B still has several advantages to going the STR route. Here are just a few:

  • Homemade Breakfast!
  • You don’t have to worry about housekeeping.
  • You know you’ll be sleeping on a comfortable bed.
  • Toilet paper and soap aren’t BYOB (bring your own bathroom supplies).
  • You’ll learn about history.
  • There’s a good chance your host will offer you some complimentary wine upon your arrival…
  • See the rest of the blog…cheers!


Pokemon Gets Locals to Know You – “The Stockade’s Front Gate Evolves into a Pokemon Gym”

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Pokemon Go, the latest video game sensation that’s taking the world by storm.

As luck would have it, The Stockade’s front gate is now the site of a Pokemon gym, and local trainers have been duking it out for control of its (digital) territory. Many of our out of town guests have even gotten in on the fun!

Now, in addition to searching for wildlife on The Stockade’s grounds during your stay, you can also hunt for Pokemon – which is only fitting, since our property is a designated Backyard Wildlife Habitat. And when you run out of supplies or work up an appetite, you can walk across the street to George’s Grill, a conveniently located eatery…and PokeStop!