Pay Per Click or Pay Per Stay? Flower Power, B&Bs- An American Tradition, Ice Cream Makes Guests Happy

Flowers Make People Happier With Their Rooms

Flower Power – Flowers Make People Happier With Their Rooms

Fresh flowers and plants may improve more than color in a room. According to research, pretty blooms can also benefit your mental and physical health.

Apartment Therapy found a 2008 study by the American Society for Horticulture Science measuring the effects of having flowers and plants in a hospital room on a person’s recovery from surgery. The study involved 90 patients who were recovering from appendectomies.

Fascinatingly, the patients who had flora in their rooms benefited from lower blood pressure, lower heart rates, and lower ratings of pain, anxiety, and fatigue than those who were plant-less. They also reported more positive feelings and higher satisfaction with their rooms. There are several studies on this, here’s one:

University of Florida Research


Pay Per Click Is Out, Pay Per Stay Is Inn - Google's New Opportunity

Pay Per Click Is Out, Pay Per Stay Is Inn – Google’s New Opportunity

Google expands pay-per-stay hotel ads – By Mitra Sorrells

Everyone is trying to capture new bookings while minimizing expenses, Google is offering a new product that provides low-risk visibility in its Google Hotel Ads platform.

Hotel partners choosing this option only pay Google for their ad after the guest stay has occurred. If a traveler books and then cancels, the commission is not due.

“We see really heightened interest from travelers around understanding the flexibility and terms attached to booking …,”

Pablo Delgado, CEO of hotel direct sales says “The chance to run campaigns to attract ‘new demand’ with a commissionable model, be it per stay or per conversion, is nothing short of revolutionary”

Advantages include:

It guarantees a certain profitt, which isn’t true for the cost-per-click model (CPC).

It is good for your cash flow (using the Commission per Stay) model, a crucial point for many hotels, especially seasonal ones.

While Google has expanded the pay-per-stay option globally in direct response to the impact of COVID-19, they expects it to remain “a standard part of their hotel ads product for the foreseeable future.” More


What We Heard From Innkeepers This Week

What We Heard From Innkeepers This Week – From NY to Georgia to Calif.

Reservations Picking Up – “We have cabins and are pushing Social Distancing in our local advertising and also we’re advertising in some surrounding states. Our reservations have really started to pick up. Blue Mtn. Cabins, MT

“I love your newsletters”. Tammy, owner

Building Website Was a Pleasure & Delight “Thanks! You guys really are the best! I can tell you that this daunting process has been such a pleasure and delight because of you, your team, and I LOVE INNS.” Marianna, NY Inn

20 Nights Booked Today! “Thanks for everything. And thought I’d let you know today was a crazy bomb… over 20 nights were booked in four reservations.” Wisconsin Inn

“Keep up the great work with your newsletters. They are always great.” Calif. Inn

Town still locked up. “I won’t open until I can show true hospitality and actually serve breakfast and embrace my guests.” Georgia innkeeper

I Want Website Building to Be a Pleasure


Queen Victoria Inn, Cape May

Queen Victoria Inn, Cape May

Bed & Breakfasts – One of the Last Remaining American Traditions

This little article appeared in a Southern California newspaper… We loved the title. (above)

“….surviving in a world that is overwhelmingly high-tech, the concept of a bed and breakfast dates back to the 18th century, where it was difficult for European travelers to find lodging establishments.

“Many families saw this as an opportunity and began offering a bed in their homes to travelers. By the time the Great Depression arrived, bed and breakfasts were thriving. (as “guest houses”)

“Today, you can find a bed and breakfast just about anywhere in the United States, both in rural areas as well as in major cities, and they come in the guise of luxurious mansion-esque homes, cozy cottages, and even restored schools and churches.”


Ice Cream Can Make Guests Happier

Ice Cream Can Make Guests Happier

30 Recipes

Years ago we took our children to a B&B with a cottage. The small fridge was stocked with several flavors of ice cream for us. The kids still talk about it today. Ice cream is part of our family tradition. One of our grandfathers ate it twice a day. (He recently died at age 94.)

Southern Living came up with 30 recipes for homemade ice cream but if you have a good local dairy, you can simply stop by and purchase a 5 gallon tub – which was the habit of the grandfather mentioned above.

Ice cream can make you happier – studies at a university in London did brain scans with students who were eating ice cream and discovered it affected 6 areas of the brain and essentially made people happier.

And there’s this – 10 Reasons Why Ice Cream is Healthy.