Remember San Antonio


The Alamo in San Antonio was the scene of one of the epic battles fought for the independence of Texas from Mexico from which the cry slogan ‘remember the Alamo’ originated. Many of the popular destinations in San Antonio are reminders of the past when it was still part of Spanish Mexico. Mission San Jose is one of the more famous sites and should not be missed. From the Alamo itself, a walk along the Mission Trail is a nine-mile trek along the San Antonio River.

The city is a mixture of the old and new and the San Antonio bed and breakfast inns are also examples of this. Both the historic sites and the bed and breakfast inns retain their old-world charm. Guests get the feeling of being transported back in time when the city and the entire state was still a Spanish colony. San Antonio bed and breakfast inns provide guests with the most modern amenities, making their stay very comfortable and enjoyable.

To learn more about how Texas was when it was still a part of Mexico, it pays to visit Casa Navarro State Historical Park. This is a reconstruction of the mansion of Jose Antonio Navarro, a local leader who figured prominently in Texas politics from the time when it was still part of Mexico, to when it became a separate country, and until it became a state of the U.S. Another historical site worth seeing is the Quadrangle, which is part of the grounds of Fort Sam Houston. Once a garrison and prison during the late 1800s, it is now a park where peacocks and deer wander freely. In front of the San Antonio City Hall is the Spanish Governor’s Palace. This 18th-century architectural wonder has been rebuilt and is complete with furniture that contribute to its historic importance.

San Antonio has golf courses that can really bring out the best in players.  15 miles from town is the Palmer Course at La Cantera, an 18-hole course that is designed by the golf legend Arnold Palmer.  If one wants to have a great view overlooking the city and its surroundings, the option would be The Westin La Cantera Golf Club.  There are several San Antonio bed and breakfast inns nearby.

San Antonio is not just a fun city during the day.  Its evenings can be just as exciting. For some hi-tech entertainment, one good choice would be to see a movie at Alamo IMAX Theatre. For a great time at any of the city’s finest bars and restaurants, being at the Main Plaza provides plenty of opportunities.  Sleep in after a night on the town at any of the San Antonio bed and breakfast inns.

The city of San Antonio has theme parks that can make adults forget their age and have fun just like the kids.  Six Flags Fiesta Texas is undoubtedly the more popular because of its display of rich Texan culture and heritage.  Aside from the rides and games that are truly fun, musical shows also provide great entertainment for visitors.  The city is landlocked but visitors can still experience life near the ocean if they spend time at Sea World San Antonio. Considered the biggest marine life adventure park in the world, this theme park is tops when it comes to aquariums, whale and dolphin shows, and other fun activities in the water.  A day at this theme park will add to your getaway.

Health buffs who like exercising and jogging while have to go to the heart of San Antonio itself. The River Walk downtown is an excellent place for these activities. Stretching for more than two miles, visitors in the city will love the escape that it provides from the usual hustle and bustle of city life.  There are San Antonio bed and breakfast inns that are  near the River Walk, providing health-conscious guests a convenient place for their daily exercise routines. Also called Paseo del Rio, its tree-lined banks are also where some of the city’s best restaurants, cafés, and shops are located.

For those who would rather train in more adventurous and rugged locations, the city also has some additional loations.  Almost six miles away and adjacent to Six Flags Fiesta Texas is the Friedrich Wilderness Park.  The park has a lush forest of 232 acres.  A more rugged and much larger alternative is the Government Canyon State Natural Area. This park is located just outside San Antonio. Both Friedrich Wilderness Park and Government Canyon State Natural Area offer great opportunities for mountain biking too.  Visitors who do not have the appropriate bicycles can go to downtown San Antonio and rent at James Bicycle Rental, the oldest of its kind in the city.