Sedona Bed and Breakfast Inns Present Arizona’s Northern Treasure


Sedona bed and breakfast inns are located in Arizona’s Verde Valley region. Sedona Bed and breakfasts here offer a surrounding landscape that is accentuated by a reddish earth. Sedona bed and breakfasts joke that it’s made more unique and distinct by the fact that the region is named after the Spanish term for ‘green.’ Sedona bed and breakfasts inns are assisted by the intriguing red rock beauty that tempts guests to visit often. Sedona bed and breakfast inns are often adjacent or actually in the fantastic geological formations called the Red Rocks of Sedona. Blessed with these rare gifts of nature, Sedona bed and breakfast innkeepers have made these red sandstone formations the centerpiece of its flourishing tourism industry. Here are some of the top sights to see while staying in Sedona, AZ.

Sedona’s Cathedral Rock – a Sedona Bed and Breakfast Guest Favorite 
Ask your innkeeper for a map. Just a few miles away from the city is an amazing geological formation called Cathedral Rock. The name certainly implies the majestic appearance of the said rock formation. Around the base of Cathedral Rock is a trail that has always been a favorite of hikers. The less than mile-long trail may not be very challenging but the steep ascent to an elevation of 600 feet is certainly something that hikers want to conquer. Reaching the peak is rewarded with a scenic view of the surrounding rock formations.

Oak Red Canyon 

Sedona bed and breakfasts can accommodate everything you might consider for an Arizona getaway. For those whose idea of outdoor adventure is to be in midst of rushing waters, the Oak Creek Canyon area for Sedona bed and breakfasts will be among the best options. Aside from the imposing red rock formations, you will enjoy the sight of crystal clear streams and seeing the creek bed at the bottom. The magnificent gorges only make the entire sight even more wonderful. Hiking along the sides of the streams provides a refreshing feeling as you hear only the sounds of the rushing waters and the birds in the surrounding wooded areas.

Chapel of the Holy Cross 
The Chapel of the Holy Cross may be a religious site but no matter what creed you adhere to, you will certainly find its architecture awesome. Built on top of a massive red rock, the chapel’s design accentuates further its surrounding natural wonders. Grab your camera and take pictures of this beautiful building.

Devil’s Bridge Trail 
In going to Sedona’s Red Rock country, it is impossible for you to miss taking pictures of Devil’s Bridge Trail. This is not just one of the many geological formations in the area; it is actually one of the most attractive sights. Once there, make sure to take many pictures of the formations because you will want these in your memory shots.

Slide Rock State Park

Sedona is not all about outdoor adventures suitable for the more physically able to take up the challenges. Slide Rock State Park is one that provides great opportunities for fun and relaxation for families. This state park has facilities for water sports and games for children as well as for adults. Bathrooms and other basic amenities provide great comfort despite the rugged surroundings.


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