See the South in Savannah, Georgia


There is always something about the southern states that make them attractive.  Many of the cities here have managed to maintain the old world charm while obviously embracing the most modern of amenities.  Visitors to Savannah in Georgia grow enamored with the city more and more.  However, what they would certainly express is that Savannah is a city that truly epitomizes the grandeur of the glorious old South.  This is because what makes this so compellingly beautiful are both the squares and their historic mansions built in the antebellum era or before the Civil War.

Its unique old-style charm is primarily the reason why the millions of tourists and visitors from across the country and abroad come to the city.  Cameras in hand, visitors make their way to some of the more prominent architectural masterpieces Savannah.  These include the Telfair Academy of Arts and Science, which as a museum is interesting inside as well, the Mickve Israel, which is one of the oldest synagogues in the country, and the First African Baptist Church, considered as one of the earliest African American Baptist churches. A short distance from these old and beautiful buildings is the Central of Georgia Railway, a railway facility that dates back to the pre-Civil War era.

For visitors who would like to see some outdoor and natural sights, the first option would be to go to Skidaway Island State Park. The park is a favorite of those who want to spend a few days communing with nature.  There are towers built within the 520-acre park which are perfect spots for observing the wildlife in the marsh areas.  Hiking trails can be found all over, allowing visitors to walk around while getting a closer view of the animals in their most natural surroundings.

Back in the city proper is Savannah’s famed historic district, which is also one of the largest in the country.  The historic district is actually composed of 22 squares.  Each square has its own distinctive features, which is why it is suggested that visitors try to see every single one of these. Some of the squares have been destroyed as Savannah saw modern changes.  However, knowing that its charm lies in its old-style beauty, these squares have since been restored by the city.  Fort Jackson is one prominent establishment that can be found also in the historic district.

Savannah is labeled as the ‘hostess city of the south’ and this is for a good reason.  It is clear that another reason why it attracts visitors all year round is the hospitality and warmth of the people here.  Visitors who have come and gone do not just cherish Savannah through the pictures of the beautiful sights but also through the memories they have of the people they met during their stay.