Stowe: Vermont’ Getaway Treasure


Deep in the heart of Vermont is the town of Stowe. A town blessed with many scenic spots and natural wonders, Stowe is considered one of Vermont’s most treasured getaways.  Just being in the town itself and staying in one of the many Stowe bed and breakfast inns is already one memorable experience.

To really enjoy everything that Stowe has to offer though, one cannot simply view the town from the inn bedroom’s window.  Go out and explore every stretch of land; be amazed at the distinct beauty that unfolds at every step.  Close to the town center is the starting point of the Recreation Path, a trail that is situated between a major transport route and the West Branch River.  Just jogging, biking, or simply walking through this path is a great opportunity for one to see some of the most beautiful spots in the town.

In summer, when the weather is kind enough for outdoor adventures, visitors can choose what particular activity that they want to enjoy for the day.  If they wish to go kayaking or boating, they can take a short drive to Lake Elmore or the more rugged Green River Reservoir.  Both bodies of water also offer plenty of opportunities for other water sports and fun activities. With the sun up, the best way to see the natural wonders in the area is to go horseback riding. A good choice would be to go straight to the Edson Hill Manor which has a riding stable of well-bred horses. From there, riders can continue to explore, particularly the area in the Green Mountains.

Stowe is a getaway destination for the entire year.  In the winter, the town is often wrapped in white and offers many opportunities for fun and adventures in the snow. The nearby Mt. Mansfield offers the best skiing and ski-boarding spots in the state of Vermont. Here skiing enthusiasts find the slopes perfect for showing off their skills at downhill skiing. With a diverse system of trails that spans about 100 kilometers, Stowe is also great for cross-country skiing. Indoor winter sports can be enjoyed at the Jackson Arena.

The vibrancy of the town of Stowe is a proof of how it continues to live up to its reputation of being Vermont’s tourism king.  Visitors who have seen and enjoyed it may not be able to tell when but they almost always leave with a promise to come back.



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