This Inn Is Expanding in the Middle of a Pandemic

For Friends Inn

This last year, after a very good summer, ForFriends Inn decided to Expand. Right in the middle of a pandemic.

“When we couldn’t get the price we wanted for selling our inn, we decided to expand, instead. We acquired an adjacent lot this past October and have broken ground for six 650-sq.-ft. cottages. Currently we are 7 months into this 15–month project.”

“We are looking forward to having 14 rooms with the capacity to sleep 42 people. This should be a game changer for us. We are optimistic about the future.”

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New Website? You Need a Second Opinion - Here's Why

New Website? You Need a Second Opinion – Here’s Why

If you just finished your website, you need a second opinion.

That’s because if it wasn’t created by an industry designer – an expert in building websites for hotels and bed and breakfast – it’s 90% likely to miss out on tons of Google searches.

Consequently you will miss out on guests that would have loved your inn. It will also not be found for weddings, week long stays for business meetings or any specialties you may have.

Most webmasters leave a lot UNDONE.

They don’t mean to, they’re trying to do a good job. Some are even brilliant designers.

They just don’t understand

  • Digital marketing that is specific to lodging
  • SEO
  • Back-end optimization in the programming
  • They don’t get title tags and how they are used in travel searches
  • How travelers search

Here’s the thing. We’ve rescued tons of inns from non-performing websites. We’ve tripled traffic, doubled guest counts and set the inn up for years to come.

If you need help on a website that someone outside the B&B industry built here’s our audit package. Your will get detailed reports of what is left to be done. (You can give this to your webmaster or have the i Love Inns team do the work.) Believe me, this will save you years of regret.

  • $499 if the website was built by a local web designer
  • $999 if the website was built by a relative, brother, uncle, daughter, or friend.

Tell Me What Your Audit Includes