What Some Bed and Breakfast Innkeepers Are Saying About OTAs, Memorial Day Deal

Cliff House, Newport RI

Cliff House, Newport RI


Memorial Day Deal Good through Monday 5/28

Platinum Level Listing for Gold Pricing – Now thru 5/228 Only

You Save $120 & NO Commissions

Platinum Level Gets:

  • Top of search returns in your city
  • You will be listed in a total of three cities
  • 20 photos
  • A detailed description of each room including name, pricing and bed type
  • 4-6 links back to your reservation system
  • Links to each of your social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus)
  • Pay NO commissions

PLUS – A 30-day featured spot on your city or state page – You choose the month

Deadline is May 28



OTAs Upset These Innkeepers

What We Heard From Innkeepers Last Week

What Booking.com/Booking Suite has done should be illegal (but I’m sure it’s not). They changed everything without telling me. They removed photos, changed text…They did everything including branding to get more business for them and then charge me a commission on every sale. AND they charge me $339 a month. For What?”


We were with Boutique which was great but then they sold out to Booking .com and it is terrible, bad service. Booking.com started taking reservations without telling us and people were showing up at the inn with paper confirmation of reservations we knew nothing about. Of course, we were booked and these guests were angry. Booking.com didn’t seem to care.” E. S.


“Signed up with Yelp for 45 days. There was no fee, but we were paying nearly $5 a click. Over the 45 day period we paid $600. We did not see any business from Yelp, so we dropped the listing.”


Inn's Success Story

One Inn’s Success Story – Links

How She Kept Her Inn at The Top of the Google Search

One of our members is number one in an area with more than 100 B&Bs and inns.

They’ve kept that position for 5 years. Their secret? Maintaining their memberships on B&B directories. (And therefore keeping the kind of Relevant Links that Google likes the most.)


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