When TripAdvisor Claims You Are Full (and you’re not), Wisconsin Inn Amps Up Book Direct, Home Made Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes

TripAdvisor Writes to Innkeeper Mr. Smith

One of our members shared this communication he received from TripAdvisor – We’ve given both parties an alias.

Jul 4, 2019 help@tripadvisorsupport.com

Hello Mr. Smith,

My name is M one of the Supervisors here in Customer Service Department. We are sending you this email as a follow up of your call yesterday regarding the message showing on your listing. 

The message you’re referring to displays throughout our site for properties that are not enrolled in our TripConnect program or for properties that do not have third-party booking websites. When a property does not utilize either of those services, TripAdvisor is unable to display your rates and availability, thus this message comes up “Sold out for these dates from our partners.* Contact accommodation for availability. There are similar hotels available.” We show this message when a property does not utilize any third-party or TripConnect to show their availability, but also make sure to check the property for availability as part of the messaging.

This display is something we cannot remove nor replace as this is standard across all listing that has the same situation/set up like your listing.

M., TripAdvisor Support Team


Here’s What Mr. Smith Wrote Back

Dear M.,

Thank you for responding but this is pure BS! I am paying you $220/month to promote my property yet you are displaying false information on your website leading guests to believe that we are sold out. 

I am not sure what your legal team may advise but this seems fraudulent. You are responsible for what is displayed on your website… I think you have some liability here. There is a simple fix. 

Simply remove the sold out lie and replace it with please call the innkeeper for availability. Please do this immediately. How can you say we are full when we are not. More accurate to say we are not participating in online bookings. Many thanks in advance – J. S.


Olivia Olive Oil

Tired of Innkeeping? Here’s Another Idea For Your Big House

AARP Article – 6 Women Share House

Christine Bowdish, a real estate broker in Portland, Ore., bought an eight-bedroom house in a suburb last year. She decided to rent the rooms to women like her — singles 55 and up. “We just want to survive and live out life to the fullest and be with our friends and our family,” says Bowdish, 62.

She began filling the house last spring. By the beginning of this year, all but three rooms were rented. The tenants make house rules and decide collectively who gets to join the community. How they make it work


Can’t Go to Church Because Of Your Job? Here’s How One Innkeeper Solved This Problem

A tiny chicken shed on an isolated Scottish island has been transformed into one of the UK’s smallest chapels. The place of worship has been blessed by the Catholic church after owners of a nearby bed and breakfast came up with the idea of converting the structure.

Anne Dobson, who lives on the Shetland Island of Yell, got tired of finding it difficult to attend church while running a business. So she brought worship to her by turning the chicken shed into a tiny one-roomed chapel. Only one person at a time can comfortably enjoy its solace – more than two people may struggle. Here’s how.


White Lace Inn Book Direct Battle Plan Takes the Bull By The Horn

White Lace Inn’s Newsletter Announces – Guaranteed Lowest Rate

This is what they wrote as the first feature in their newsletter:

OPEN ALL YEAR – BOOK DIRECT, GUARANTEED LOWEST RATE – All is waiting for you including our Famous Fresh Baked Cookies, a Delicious Breakfast served right to your table, Wood-Burning Fireplaces, Jetted Whirlpool Bathtubs and more. Come see why the Historic White Lace is a favorite for so many visiting Door County.”

GUARANTEED LOWEST RATES – Check availability and make reservations direct on the White Lace Inn website http://WhiteLaceInn.com or by calling 920-743-1105.

Their newsletter also included a second Book Direct message half way down.

BOOK DIRECT: 920-743-1105 or WhiteLaceInn.com

GUARANTEED LOWEST RATE: We LOVE hearing personally from our current and future guests. We also LOVE answering your questions about our Historic Inn and area while making your reservations. Please call us directly at 920-743-1105 or visit our direct website http://www.WhiteLaceInn.com to make your reservation today.

(Of course there were compelling articles too, such as Drive InSkyway Drive-In Theatre Door County Wisconsin. Always a Fun Time on a Summer Night.)

Their newsletter had 11 LINKS DIRECTLY TO the White Lace Inn Website.

And every click through from their newsletter to their site helps their SEO. (Remember more website visitors helps your SEO.)


Easiest, Cheapest Book Direct Technique You Can Start Now at Your Front Desk

Many innkeepers have used this sentence but may have forgotten about it. In fact, I believe New Hope innkeeper Carl Glassman once told me how well it worked for their inn.

When guests are checking out you say, “Can we reserve a room for you for fall colors or for the holidays?” and

If you make your reservation now you can pick your favorite room” or “You can try the room overlooking the …)

It takes finesse but that’s one of your existing skills.


Hotel Tonight Surprised By Who Gave Them the Most Referrals

If you can handle last minute reservations, figure out if this might work for you.

In a research project and survey the team at Hotel Tonight was surprised that certain individuals were making the most frequent referrals – although not themselves guests.

These folks made the most referrals:

Taxi drivers, bar tenders and airline stewards.

You might not be in the kind of city where this would work BUT:

Could you proactively make a plan to contact:

  1. Hospitals, clinics, funeral parlors, churches?
  2. Tech businesses, city hall, wedding planners?

Try getting your staff together or even a few guests to brainstorm how this could work for your particular inn in your particular location.


Ice Cream Sandwich – Visit Pasadena


Dazzle Your Guests with Home-Made Ice Cream Sandwiches – Recipes Here

As seen in Visit Pasadena

The Scoop on Pasadena’s Ice Cream Scene – Summer is synonymous with ice cream, and Pasadena is full of ice cream shops, retro soda fountains, and craft Italian gelato. Take a look at our favorite spots to grab a quick, icy snack. ..

Why not make your own: Churn ice cream or your own cookies and put them together. Recipes here.