Who Is Also Swiping Your Reservations? Are These Things Losing Guests For You?

Who is Getting the Reservations That Should Come to You?

Expedia, TripAdvisor, Booking.com are all culprits in seducing your potential guests who start out looking for what you offer.

We all know their diversionary tactics.

But more than all those heavy hitters, YOU are probably doing your own business in.

That’s because your website doesn’t Show the fabulous experience you offer and is dated and not trusted.

So day by day, month by month Other Inns are taking those guests who could actually be the perfect match for you.

Maybe your site is just average. The trouble is the average B&B website conversion rate (bookings divided by unique monthly visitors to your website) is typically below 2%.

For example, imagine 100 people visit your website – less than two will complete a booking. 98 will go with your competitors or with the OTAs. So that means 98% of your website visitors are not converting.” (ehotelier.com)


Get a New Website and Convince More Visitors That Your Inn is the Best Option

Convince site visitors that booking on your website is the best option they have! There’s a lot of new knowledge available about inn websites that produce more bookings, so now you can get the best design and features that will increase your website conversion rate.

Did you know travelers actually want you to convince them that your inn is the very best they could experience?

But that means your website has to be

Fast, Fun & Full of Fabulous stories!


Here’s Where You Lose Your Guests

An older website (and many new sites) will lose visitors if they are:

  • 5 – 10 years old
  • Not mobile friendly
  • Not secure
  • Slow website loading
  • Small photos
  • Bad title tags that leave money on the table
  • A lack of several clear paths to booking
  • 5-10 year old affiliation badges and awards
  • Blog pages with no updates in months
  • Broken links (to restaurants, parks, activities etc.)
  • Dated information all over the website
  • Poor navigation
  • Poor SEO and can’t be found on many Google Searches

Other things that can be mostly prevented with a new website include being hacked and being sued for ada non-compliance.

At this point in time, there is no reason for this neglect. You can’t be an effective business without a new, crisp, content rich, technically sound website.


For Instance, Here’s What An i Love Inns Website Could Look Like

More and more inns are maximizing their property value by offering weddings. To attract weddings, you have to use very specific wording in your title tags and show as many photos as possible – brides-to-be are known for intense searches for photos to inspire them.

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