Wisdom from Bed & Breakfast Inns Around the Country

I Love Inns Fully Staffed & Working From Home

I Love Inns Fully Staffed & Working From Home

Our phone has been ringing off the hook with proactive innkeepers who are not wasting this time worrying. They are charging forward with new websites and new marketing plans. They are reaching out with newsletters to inspire and soothe former guests, adding informative messages to their websites and working the phones.

We at I Love Inns are open and fully staffed. We are all safely working from home and have 100% connectability to you and to our team.

Now that you have time to focus on the big projects you never usually get to work on, we are here to help with:

  1. A new website
  2. Adding an informative Pop Up to your site
  3. Updating your current website
  4. Email newsletters to keep in touch with guests *
  5. Blogging and helping with your social media campaigns
  6. Vital SEO work on your site
  7. Getting ready for Voice Search

Ask about our Keep In Touch Special – A 4-Newsletter Package – This was extremely popular at Christmas when we offered it for inns to sell Gift Certificates. Now you can get 4 beautifully made newsletters and offer recipes, Summer Fun, gift certificates and Shelter In Place packages.

4 Spring Newsletters for $500 that include Free template design and layout ($150 value), Free creation of email database ($300 value) and a discounted price $125 per newsletter vs $150 ($100 value). Your total savings is $550 plus it’s a HUGE income booster when you sell gift certificates.

Call 949-481-7276 or email DRingler@iLoveInns.com


Barcelona Lakeside Bed and Breakfast

What We Heard Last  Week

Virginia Innkeeper (offering feedback on the first draft of new website)

“Crazy here. Took a quick look (at the website under construction) and we smiled!!! Let me get back to you in a little… just took our 35th cancellation”

Massachusetts Innkeeper– “Thanks Diane! I’m away from the Inn, but looked at the first draft (of our new website) last night and it looks great!”

Georgia Innkeeper – “We’re sending our newsletter once a week to keep guests informed about the inn and the current goings on in the beautiful city of Savannah. We are also manning the phones to take future reservations and to sell Foley House Inn Gift Certificates.



Wisdom From Blueberry Hill Inn to Guests

We enjoyed this newsletter sent to former guests of Vermont’s Blueberry Hill Inn. It hit all the right notes and built a sense of community:

Before Making Changes to Your Reservations

“Do you have an upcoming reservation? We really appreciate that you are waiting to see how this all shakes out before making any changes. If you do find you need to cancel the reservation… 

We Can Hold & Transfer Your Reservation– we can hold and transfer your deposit in full to another date when you are able to travel again. This is the preferable option if at all possible

You’ll Help Keep Our Small Business Strong – and will help keep our small business strong. If you prefer a full refund refund we will make that happen in a timely fashion.

Need to Shelter In Place With High Speed Internet – (More from blueberry Hill Inn) Ask us about extended getaway options at the rental house (pictured here) or in the inn’s cottage. Create a “work from home” environment using the high speed internet throughout the property and trails outside the door! Contact us at info@blueberryhillinn.com or call …


Launch a New Website

Did You Just Launch a New Website??  Get an Audit Now So You Can Tell Your Developer What’s Left to Do

Honestly, we keep seeing new websites with absolutely horrible SEO and horrendous back-end mistakes, as well as missing items Google needs to rank the website. Often the site is aesthetically pleasing because the friend or relative or local developer “gets” your property and takes good photos.

Avoid an impending set-back by going to your family friend or local developer with a list of things travel websites need.

It will cost you though – $250 for an audit by our experienced developers. We’ll give you a list that can save you tons of pain and suffering. You can tell your designer it’s your SEO Industry Review in case you don’t want to hurt their feelings. And if they can’t do the work on the list because it requires sophisticated back-end programming, we can help with our cost effective hourly rate for fixes.

Please Tell Me How Much Google Is Going to Like or Trash My New Website

Or if you have an oldish website consider our Free Audit. There is no charge if your website is two or more years old and probably needs some amending or updates or fixes.

I Need to Fix My Oldish Website ….Talk to Me a Free Audit


Settler’s Inn Wisdom

Settler’s Inn Wisdom

On Gift Cards – Settler’s Inn recently reminded guests that people are still having birthdays and engagements and anniversaries.

Buy now and redeem later gives joy to them and some funds now for you. It also taps into the goodwill we all want to give now to others.

Here’s how Settler’s Inn does it:

Buy Now, Stay Later

Shop local with us and take advantage of our gift card sale!

Buy a $100 Gift Card, Get a Bonus $10

Buy a $250 Gift Card, Get a Bonus $25

Or the Best Value:

Buy a $500 Gift Card, Get a Bonus $100

Call to Buy: 570.226.2993


Swiss Woods Inn, Penn. Garden Spot

Swiss Woods Inn, Penn. Garden Spot

Cheer Yourself Up – Plan a Beautiful New Instagrammable Garden Spot

Werner Mosimann of Swiss Woods Inn has planted thousands of daffodils on the property where Swiss Woods Inn sits. Over the years Debbie and Werner have created dozens of beautiful vignettes that make for eye candy that inspires guest photography.

“No one can cancel spring, and no one can stop us from gardening,” writes Mike McGrath of WTOP News in D.C.

Marvel At The Wonder – So in the time of Corona Virus he advises, “seek out blooming bulbs and flowering cherries; stare intently at the new greenery of roses and the inevitable invasion of the hostas. There is something growing or flowering wherever you are, and this is the time to marvel at the wonder and persistence of plants. Because “They can’t take that away from me.”

Plan & Order Online – Plan a new spot on your property that will inspire Instagram galore. Check out all the beautiful perennials you can order from Jackson & Perkins such as Hydrangea Everlasting and Pink Muhly Grass. (Shipping is included in the price.)

And Amazon bulbs.

Note the outdoor bed on Houzz

Peace be with you.