World-Class Innkeepers Figure It Out, Reckless Airbnb, What To Do Now


Inn at Little Washington

Giving Reminders of Happy Memories

I still remember my visit years ago to the inn’s world-famous restaurant. And this photo shared above brings that time back. Here’s what they said in last week’s newsletter: “Little Washington’s Biggest Family asks you to join us by purchasing Inn at Little Washington Employee Relief Fund Certificates in order to help our devoted staff maintain their health insurance and make it through this crisis.

“We all want to get back to work and be there for your next visit. We wish you and your families all the best during this tragedy. Our loyal team appreciates your support.”


Baraboo, WI Inn Offers Quarantine Rooms

Baraboo, WI Inn Offers Quarantine Rooms

We are now providing quarantine rooms for anyone needing to self-isolate for a period of time. Health care professionals, delivery people, tradespeople, checkout people, basically anyone in an essential job that has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. We want to be able to help anyone out on the front lines, who are taking risks to help the rest of us out.

This is how it works:


Tourism Promotions That Are Striking the Right Note 

Only 8% think business should stop advertising. That means 92% of marketers say Keep On.

One popular marketing tool that is also a gift is videos. For instance, we’re seeing videos such as yoga classes with scenery in the background, cooking classes, and experiencing our area videos.

Recipe Sharing is an easy way for inns to get started, but also think about your own mini cooking class video. These could give joy to former guests.

Here’s Puerto Ricos: “Puerto Rico is inviting its followers and would-be visitors to a virtual getaway, with salsa classes, cocktail making, and cooking. As Discover Puerto Rico CEO Brad Dean told Skift last week, they shifted from a “visit now” approach to a “visit later” approach a couple of weeks ago, with the goal of keeping the destination top of mind for future visitors.” More


What To Do Now

Use This Time to Work On a New Website – While things are quiet you have time now to start that long needed new website. Don’t put it off any longer. It’s easier to get started than you think. We’ve taken many, many innkeepers through the process over the years and know how to make it happen for you. Take this time to start a new site.

Start building photo galleries while no one is at the inn. Hire a local photographer – especially, experienced local real estate photographers. Get good interiors with flowers added for color, and as soon as spring hits your landscape, schedule exterior shoots. We’ve seen some inn photos produce thousands and thousands in revenue.

Help Me Schedule a New Website

More – Now’s also a good time to figure out why other inns might look like a better choice to potential guests.

We are here to help you:

  1. Add Ada features to your website
  2. Add an informative Pop Up to your site
  3. Update your current website
  4. Fix Mistakes on your site
  5. Fix bad links
  6. Start a Blog or Update the One You Have
  7. Do Vital SEO work on your site
  8. Get ready for Voice Search

Show Me a List Of What I Need to Make My Website Convert More Guests


'Reckless' Airbnb Criticized for Accepting Guests During Lockdown

‘Reckless’ Airbnb Criticized for Accepting Guests During Lockdown

“While accommodation should be available for key workers and those in exceptional circumstances, people are still trying to book Airbnb properties for holidays during lockdown – and the company is yet to step in.”

“Homes in the UK can still be booked on Airbnb despite the country being under a Government-ordered lockdown, with property owners forced to choose between their income and public health concerns. The online accommodation marketplace has been branded “extremely reckless” by one host, who also criticized the lack of clear advice for users of the service, for allowing bookings to continue. More

On the other hand, Airbnb is getting a lot of press for its offer to house free 100,000 rooms it is garnering among its hosts.



Virtual Experiences

St. Lucia Campaign – This Caribbean destination is inviting followers to experience the destination via Instagram Live, with its “7 Minutes in St Lucia” campaign. It kicked off on March 26 with the following:

  1. A seven minute streamed yoga practice in view of the famous Pitons, world-famous volcanic spires.
  2. A virtual cooking class
  3. A dance party
  4. A guided meditation.

The offerings slot into the kinds of things many people are doing anyway while in social distance mode — cooking and working out — which means it feels less sales-y and more generous. More



By the Side Of The Road

Helping Healthcare Workers

Here’s another way to offer gift certificates: “By the Side of the Road Getaway Lodging is announcing a Healthcare Heroes Promotion – buy a Gift Certificate for our extraordinary Healthcare or Essential Services person and we will add on an additional 20% value as our way of assisting you in honoring this very special individual. A Gift Certificate valued at $240 will cost you only $200 and there’s no expiration date! Present this gift now and give these dedicated and exhausted workers something special to look forward to.”

How to Purchase 

“In order to provide this 20% additional value, you must call us @ (540) 801-0430. Our online services are unable to accurately prepare and send the Gift Certificate in your chosen amount when a cost discount is involved. Each Certificate is personally created with your personal message and emailed to the recipient of to you, whichever you choose.”