The Really Cheap Photographer Who Gave an Innkeeper 40 Awesome Photos for Their Bed & Breakfast Website

Find a $200 Photographer and People Will Stay on Your Website a Lot Longer


How to Find a Really Cheap Photographer 

The photographer one of our staff met this month didn’t carry lights or lots of equipment to get these arresting shots. Just a tripod and a camera!

But — the camera was an HDR – a High Dynamic Range camera with an automatic HDR – you click once and it takes 7-8 photos at different exposures.

Then – here’s the magic – it paints these different exposures into one image. And they are bright and absolutely beautiful!!

This was for a real estate sale and the house had already been prepared – so the photographer only took 45 minutes and delivered 40 photos, you can see 3 here. You could buy your own camera ($750 for the Nikon HDR) or just find a real estate photographer with a great portofolio. The more quality shots you add to your website, the longer people will stay.


Mobile-Friendly Websites With Good Design and Good Title Tags Bring Profit

This just in – A website we designed last year just shot up to first place in the Google 3-pack in a highly competitive B&B town. While we never promise this, we were of course delighted because there are 12 other bed and breakfasts in this town!

Before we created the new site, the inn was #12 on Google – on the second page. At 4 months it hadn’t budged. Then one day we found it on the first page – but it went back down again. Finally, about 10 months in, it is way ahead of every other inn in town and currently first. Google just loves mobile-friendly design!!

Contact or call 949-481-7276 for information on best practices for renewing your website.


Fresh Websites Always Pay for Themselves

(No-Cost Marketing)

It’s amazing just how fast a fresh inn website pays for Itself – sometimes even within a week, often within a month. That’s why we say “no-cost marketing”. We have never seen a well-executed inn website that hasn’t paid for itself quickly.

Over the years we’ve interviewed many innkeepers about their new websites asking – “How long did it take to pay for itself?” It’s always surprising how fast this happens.

That means that the site has generated many additional reservations – and within a very short period of time.

Our Mission with websites is to remove technology road blocks that hold back some of America’s best innkeepers.  


3 Solutions to Travelers Leaving Your Website

  1. Feature Location PhotosIn a recent study by the hotel marketing website Leonardo, travelers – 50% of them – don’t know where they want to go when they first start looking. So you have to Meet Them with Photos on your home page that capture your location, not just shots of your inn. Do your best to convey the value of traveling to your region. Know who your ideal guest is and tailor your photos accordingly.
  2. Your StoryHotel stories can also play a big role. Paint a picture of what experience hotel guests can expect at your property.
  3. Local Events, SceneryInclude information on local events and nearby attractions to convince site visitors that the time to travel is NOW.


Start Your New Website

 – You’ll Be Glad You Did

Every innkeeper we work with wishes they would have done this sooner, it wasn’t as painful as they thought. In fact, it’s more painful not to act when you see your neighbor inns filled with guest cars. Most websites are finished and out the door within a few weeks.